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Ganges Paints & Chemicals is situated at Focal Point, Ludhiana, popularly known as MANCHESTER OF INDIA, 300 Kms. north from New Delhi.

The company was incorporated in 1978. Since the very inception our watchword has been consistent quality and total satisfaction of our customers in every facet of interaction with them. With this fundamental tenet and our unstinted efforts to keep up with our motto “INNOVATIONS BEYOND”, today GANGES PAINTS & CHEMICALS has emerged as a front runner in innovation field and making next generation products for Indian Automotive Refinish Industry as well as Industrial Coatings. Under the brand names of KROSS COATING SYSTEMS, KORAL COAT, AG PLUS CHROME SYSTEMS, PROTINT and KROSS GRAPHIX we have a wide area of coatings covered.

KROSS COATING SYSTEMS covers full range of Car Refinish. We cover epoxy, NC, Poly urethane, CAB Based products, Fast Drying Enamels etc under the umbrella of this brand.

KORAL COAT – THE WOOD KRAFT has a kitty of wood protector products. This also includes innovative products like NC replacement with our special resin range. Also we are the first company to introduce D.I.Y Pearls, Metallics and Florescent additive kits for in-house paint making. Photoilluminicent Coatings (Night Glow) is also a new addition to this kitty.

PROTINT is our mixing machine system in which we provide 14 solid tinters with a range of binders. Protint has a capability to tint all RAL, I.S, PANTONE and several Indian Prevalent shade cards of some prominent paint companies. It can tint the same shade in epoxy, NC, enamel, acrylic, Pu, stoving, fast drying enamel as well as chlorinated rubber painting systems.

AG PLUS CHROME is an innovative technology for spray on chrome finish. This finish gives a pure 100 percent silver metal finish. This technology can be used to create silver metal on to any substrate that can possibly be painted. We invite you to take a tour of this innovative next generation product line on our you tube channel – AG PLUS CHROME SYSTEMS.

KROSS GRAPHIX range covers the new hydro dipping technology. A lot of designs are available for dipping with a neat graphics effect be it skull, fire, bullet, wood, metal, floral patterns, abstracts etc. Keeping in line with our motto we have developed a patented technology to convert waste paint sludge back to coatings. This unique technology has given us an edge to be a responsible and innovative manufacturer status. Worldwide there are only 2 patents to convert this waste sludge to paint and we are proud to say we are one of them. With this technology we have the world turning head towards us for sharing this technology with them. Our recycling technology has won us a lot of appreciation from INDIAN GOVERNMENT also and we were selected as one of the most innovative projects in Vibrant Gujarat 2012.

Our company has since worked upon and has successfully converted lot of wastes to paint coatings. – Waste thermocol to paint – Waste rubber to cushioned flooring – Waste powder coating to liquid powder coating – Recycling of old gelled paints – Waste paint sludge to paint

We also have an in-house development to passivate metal by giving a specialty treatment so that it does not corrode soon and corroded metal can be dipped in the solution to remove the rust and get an inert metal treatment on top so that it does not corrode any further.

With a qualified team and state of the art RND Lab we constantly strive to work upon new technologies for the betterment of our environment as well as for our customers. We assure our customers a business full of honesty, integrity and innovation.